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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Scientology and labour law

I really don't understand this story about a report prepared by the Fair Work Ombudsman, inquiring into the work practices of the Church of Scientology. The starting point should be that religiously-neutral laws of general application should apply to religious organisations operating in the relevant jurisdiction. That's what the story (or the report) seems to be saying, but it's very murky just what the Fair Work Ombudsman has found. Perhaps the important point is that certain classes of workers have been found to be employees in the strict sense (not, for example, independent contractors).

Any insights from commenters who know more about it would be welcomed.

In any event, the office of the Fair Work Ombusman is not a body that exercises judicial power, so I wouldn't expect that anyone is going to get any compensation for underpaid wages and the like just yet.

Probably a story to keep an eye on for the future, rather than one to be too excited about for the moment.

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