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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Off for some debating!

Here! Back tomorrow, doubtless with more stuff about metaethics. In preparation for the latter, you might like to have another look at what Jean Kazez says about the Joel Marks piece - and the interesting thread that she has going. Even if you're with me so far, there are still some interesting points raised in her post and by her commenters.


Charles Sullivan said...

Thanks for the link to Jean Kazez. I've subscribed. A careful thinker, there. Looking forward to more of this discussion vis moral realism/non-realism.

Anonymous said...

Hey Russell
Congratulations, you must have wooped 'em last night. The Sydney Anglicans website is reporting that 60% of those who were undecided before the debate came over to your side at the end and a few percent came over from initially supporting the proposition. That's impressive!

Russell Blackford said...

Yeah - I'm waiting to see the precise percentages in writing, but Simon Longstaff (who was chairing it) announced them at the end. We had a solid win both in overall number of votes and in votes shifted to our side from before the debate.