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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Center For Inquiry/Council for Secular Humanism conference - Moving Secularism Forward

I'll be speaking at this conference, to be held from 1-4 March 2012 in Orlando, Florida.

The conference has a formidable list of speakers:
Daniel C. Dennett, Sir Harold Kroto, Steven Pinker, Rebecca Goldstein, PZ Myers, Katrina Voss, Russell Blackford, Stephen Law, Rita Swan, Anthony Pinn, Victor Stenger, Elisabeth Cornwell, Eddie Tabash, Ophelia Benson, Lionel Tiger, Ronald Bailey, Razib Khan, Jamila Bey, Sikivu Hutchinson, David Silverman, Bill Cooke, Steven K. Green, Ellenbeth Wachs, Ronald A. Lindsay, Debbie Goddard and Tom Flynn.
These are mostly people whom I have never met, but look forward to meeting. One whom I've at least met is Dan Dennett, but I've only had the briefest of encounters with him, so it will be good to catch up more properly (I hope).

While in the US, I'll also be speaking at the CFI headquarters in Amherst, New York, and at gigs at Yale University and at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticutt. Freedom of Religion and the Secular State will have been available to the public for a couple of months by this point, so hopefully it will be a chance to give it some early publicity.

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Excellent! That's only a short drive for me.