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Sunday, July 30, 2006

"School Reunion" (no, not me)

I'm a huge fan of the British science fiction series Doctor Who, and I've been happily watching the reruns that began in 2003, and then, since last year, the new series from the BBC.

The most recent episode to be shown in Australia (where we're three or four months behind the UK, but I believe ahead of the US) was the "School Reunion" one, which brings back Elisabeth Sladen's character, Sarah Jane Smith for some better closure between her and the Doctor than we got back in the day. This was pure nostalgia for me - here's another bit of popular culture that I grew up on and have always loved both as a kid and adult.

To the credit of all involved, the characterisation of now-middle-aged Sarah and the relationships between her and the Doctor, and between her and current companion Rose Tyler, are handled with remarkable sensitivity. The whole thing left me feeling a bit teary on Saturday night, though it didn't stop me fronting up afterwards to drink a few pints of Guinness with a bunch of Monash colleagues.


kriscurtis said...

Sure, sure. You just revelled in the concept of two women fighting over an immortal. So tell me more about your views on transhumanism?

Russell Blackford said...

Or polyamory?

Anonymous said...

How about polyhumanism?

Russell Blackford said...

Sounds better than transamory, anyway. I wonder what that would be.

Anonymous said...

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