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Saturday, July 08, 2006


The photos I've been uploading in the last few entries give some impression of our Newcastle trip, I hope, although I didn't end up with pics of everyone we saw. It was all a bit rushed. Jenny and I had less than a week, sandwiched in between an examiner's meeting at Monash and having to get back in time to deal with quite a few things in Melbourne before I could head off almost immediately to the AAP Conference in Canberra (about which more another time). So we were flat out trying to catch up with our families and some of our most dearly loved friends in the limited time we had. To add to the complications, the usually-robust Vicki Coughlan was quite sick with a skin disease that had hit her out of nowhere, while Amanda Pitcairn was in the midst of preparing for a trip to the Maldives ... so we were lucky to see her at all!

Everyone was lovely, of course, and I hope we can catch up with them soon.

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