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Thursday, January 12, 2012

A progressive statement by Tennis Australia, re Margaret Court

Tennis Australia has issued a statement distancing itself from Margaret Court's widely-publicised homophobic views. This is a good gesture, and let's praise the organisation for it.

I won't be able to get along to the Australian Open, in Melbourne, this year (I did last year, even though I now live 600 miles away, but I can't see it happening often). Hopefully it will be a great tournament.

I've been enjoying the warm-up event - which is actually a star-studded tournament on the women's side - in Sydney. Not driving down for it, but at least watching a fair bit of it on TV, when I'm not thinking about Plantinga's views on evolution and the historical record of human atrocities. Those are my favourite topics right now.

H/T Jason Ball.

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