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Australian philosopher, literary critic, legal scholar, and professional writer. Based in Newcastle, NSW. Author of FREEDOM OF RELIGION AND THE SECULAR STATE (2012), HUMANITY ENHANCED (2014), and THE MYSTERY OF MORAL AUTHORITY (2016).

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Freedom of Religion and the Secular State now published

I say just a leetle bit more about it over here at Talking Philosophy.

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Kyle said...

Dr. Blackford, I have been a reader of your blog since I first heard about it about a year ago. I am planning on buying your Freedom of Religion and the Secular State, as I enjoy both your writing style and the clarity of your writing. I was wondering if you were aware that the e-book price is about double the price of the paperback price (at least in the US both on Amazon $54.97 vs $28.61 and as listed on Wiley $69.99 vs $29.95). I would think that the price difference would greatly discourage e-book sales.