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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Currently editing - the special Minds/Machines issue of JET

As advertised here, Linda MacDonald Glenn and I are editing a special issue of The Journal of Evolution and Technology relating to mind/machine mergers and similar topics.

According to the (very ambitious) timetable that we set ourselves earlier this year, the issue is due for publication this month. It's proving to be a bit of a jigsaw puzzle, and we have a small number of pieces either still under review or awaiting revision and resubmission. Nonetheless, most of the articles to go in the issue have been selected and are at advanced stages of editing. I don't expect us to slip far from our timetable.

If everything comes together properly, this will be a bumper issue of JET, and the quality looks like being very high. Without publicly naming favourites before the issue is even published, I'll just say that the papers we're publishing include some that I think are destined to be considered classics in the field.

More news on this over the coming weeks.


Lincoln Cannon said...

Looking forward to it!

spiral_shell said...

I hope I remember that it exists when it comes out.
Just attended Humanity+ @HK whos theme was related.