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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Marketing copy

More on this soon, but Udo Schuklenk and I have now received the marketing copy for our new book, 50 Great Myths About Atheism (to be published by Wiley-Blackwell). There is still a considerable lead time before publication, but we can see the basis here for a strong campaign to market the book. Needless to say, we're excited about the book itself, which addresses many of the myths, misconceptions, half-truths, etc., about atheists and atheism - as well as presenting a brief history of atheist thought and our views as to why, at this point in history, atheism is the most reasonable view on the God question.


The Uncredible Hallq said...

Possibility of getting a reviewer's copy?

Unknown said...

Hello Mr. Russell Blackford
My name is Adi Zohar and I am 50 years old living in Israel, a former IDF officer, educator and high school manager. With a master's degree in industrial engineering and management, graduate management schools. I wrote a book in the past, when I was 18 named "God is not what it use to be" in Hebrew, but recently I carried out a project that contains a science fiction ebook called "deep in the Holy Land ground". In the past two years, I've invest most of my time and resources in this project as I was intended to show the perceptual that a conventional book age has ended, so anyone who writes a book and especially sci-fi must insert a new dimensions in it. In my case I added pictures of many places in Israel and India that are mentioned in the book with links to You Tube and different possible reading courses as well as figures from the story that continue dialogue with readers on Facebook and a Web site where hundreds of links to articles and videos related to topics mentioned in the book. Because I know the contribution you made in science fiction, I found it appropriate to refer to you and show you my work that includes the book Web site and the book itself. I'd be happy if you browse them and read the example chapters in each. I would be very happy to transfer to you the full version of the book to get your review which I highly consider.
Sincerely gratitude
ADI Zohar
my website

Russell Blackford said...

Chris - I'll see what I can do down the track. :)

General word to folks who ask for reviewers' copies of my books, or get sent them, please do actually review the book unless you hate it. I've had a few frustrations with this sort of thing, but I'm not suggesting that you'd be one of them, Chris.

Adi - I am absolutely snowed under with work, with at least three books that I'm currently working on, and even a fourth that might happen (plus some very time-consuming work for organisations that I give time to as a volunteer, plus some very, very difficult issues in my family at the moment), so I just can't look at your work. No use saying I'll do it and then not delivering.

I'm deleting a couple of comments on this thread as spam, but I'll leave yours in case any of my readers are interested.

Steven Paul Leiva said...

Very much looking forward to this one,Russell. When's the U.S. publication date?

Russell Blackford said...

Don't know yet, mate. Still in the pipeline.

Unknown said...

I got my degree in business marketing management and love the occupation I have chosen to focus on. I took a quick skim through this and there is actually a lot I didn't know about the marketing industry after reading through this. Thank you for sharing!