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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Embiggen Books back in action

Having been out of action after flooding some weeks ago now, Embiggen Books is back and operational in its new location in Melbourne. Please consider giving it some business if you can.

Embiggen Books is a great business devoted to the advocacy of science and reason; it deserves to thrive.


Unknown said...

It's a perfectly cromulent business!

Warren Bonett said...

Thank you Russell. In fact we had a reader of your blog come into the shop today who was just over from Canada for 3 days.

Darrick Lim said...

Warren, glad to see that people are finding out about your shop through Russell's blog. I'll be dropping by tomorrow. :)

Meanwhile, I gave Embiggen Books a little plug. I'm reposting this on Facebook to spread the love among my friends.