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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Felix nominated for Best Fannish Cat

Felix Blackford (or, more correctly Mystical Prince Felix), is shortlisted for Best Fannish Cat, a special award of the Australian national sf convention. If you're a member of the convention, don't forget to vote.


Jerry Coyne said...

Crikey, the picture of Felix is out of focus. You're not putting his best paw forward.

Sorry I can't vote.

Robert N Stephenson said...

Hmmm -- hasn't this road been travekled before?

Russell Blackford said...

At least it's not an official Ditmar Award this time round. That was a nadir in the reputation of the Ditmars.

Robert N Stephenson said...

indeed, indeed

MosesZD said...

Fifi? Fifi! Someone should report you animal abuse... :)