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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Metaethical, neo-Humean limerick

While I'm getting around to a longer, time-consuming post, I'll dig out my famous metaethical, neo-Humean, hypothetical-imperative-explaining limerick:

Though an “is” alone won’t give support
To a value, a norm, or an “ought”,
If you mix on the fire
Both belief and desire,
You’ll get thought of an “ought” of a sort.


GTChristie said...

Laffing Out Loud. That is beautiful.

Richard Wein said...

Very good!

Christian Munthe said...

Very nice :-) Been teaching a course on the Treatise focusing on moral philosophy several years. I'll be sure to include this one in the course material next time!

Barcs said...

Yeah.... I kind of get it. It reminds me of this intel commercial.

DM said...


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GTChristie said...

Speaking of tone ... DM sure has one. I wonder if he read the limerick first. LOL.

You can (kind of) tell who is familiar with the history of the is/ought problem by how much they appreciate this clever bit of doggerel. The more you know, the harder you laugh.

Since DM didn't laff at all ... ummm ...