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Monday, May 31, 2010

A few days off

I'll be back soon! I've been working quite hard the last few days and am now feeling a li'l bit run down (it doesn't help that Felix the cat has been unhappy after having to have an operation, and has had to be kept inside ... and as a result is keeping us awake a lot of the time).

Okay, today I need a restful day. Will leave y'all to talk among yourselves.


Robert N Stephenson said...

Run down is not good... though I am fortunate to be able to do this. I do take what is called a full day off - 24 hours of doing basically nothing.

Yes, this includes not doing the deadline stuff, but I have found I can quickly make up time when I am feeling strong.

No t so much advice Russell, just a point that has served me well for 10 years now

Russell Blackford said...

Actually, it's probably good advice. I should have done that today.

Unknown said...


My name is Rev Robert Wright, Editor for Christian.com, a social network made specifically for Christians, by Christians. We embarked on this endeavor to offer the entire Christian community an outlet to join together and better spread the good word of Christianity. Christian.com has many great features like Christian TV, prayer requests, finding a church, receiving church updates and advice. We have emailed you to collaborate with you and your blog to help spread the good word of Christianity. I look forward to your response regarding this matter. Thanks!

Rev. Robert Wright

Robert N Stephenson said...

Well, Rev.

I might not be the kind of Christian you think I am. I have an equally difficult time with Christians who hold the bible up as the word of God. This would be an issue for such a site I'm afraid.

I will of course take a look, but I dare say I might be in just as much disagreeance here as I am with Fundamentalist Atheists

Anonymous said...

My recent experience with a Google account illustrates just what I was mentioning the other day.

I registered for a Google account and then drafted a brilliant and profound response to Robert Stephenson on the other thread, only to have Google fail to recognise my password five times. When I finally got back in I had lost all the amazing thoughts I had drafted, and so gave up in disgust.

So, back to anonymity for the time being.


Robert N Stephenson said...

Bum - I like brilliant and profound, but I never see it in myself and after all these years it is not one of my strivings.

Look forward to seeing the post though

Richard Dawkins said...

Hope Felix the cat gets better!

Robert N Stephenson said...

well, I did got to the Rev's site for a look see... couldn't debate there even if you wanted to.

devil worshipper sites are for more spiritually enlightening