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Friday, May 07, 2010

Forthcoming gig on the Sunshine Coast

For the full info, go here. The short version of the story is that I'll be speaking at Embiggen Books, in Noosaville, on the topic, "Voices of Disbelief, and Why We Need Them." I'll place 50 Voices of Disbelief: Why We Are Atheists in the perspective of the continuing culture wars, and in the historical perspective of religious moralism and intolerance through the ages.

When? Saturday afternoon, 22 May.

Where? Embiggen Books, 4/205 Weyba Rd, Noosaville, Queensland.


Richard Wein said...

Ah, Noosa. I was there for three months some years ago. Beautiful place.

DM said...

how about I believe in WHATEVER I want - even in the FLYING SPAGHETTI
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let me show you the end results of this particular *ONE-DIMENSIONAL SCIENTIFIC MODE*
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this style has been perfected by dawkins, pz, randi and the other *NEW ATHEISTS*
hey, atheists don't even BELIEVE IN BOOBIES!!!
they thought BOOBIES had no effect... WRONG!

see, I just want to make it clear to the rest of you:
jen is unable to see that there is a CONFLICT BETWEEN EROS & SCIENCE....


see how we take a term and convert it into its AUTHENTIC POLITICAL DIMENSION - THAT
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