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Saturday, September 05, 2009

New interview with Jenny

This is a great interview with Amy Herring, published in The Daily Dragon, at Dragon*Con.

So far, Dragon*Con is living up to its reputation. The huge lobby bar at the Marriot, where we're staying, was crowded last night with people in various modes of dress and undress, many with some kind of science fiction or fantasy theme. I, of course, was in my lifelike Bill Clinton costume. ;)

I gave up gawking about 1 am, feeling pretty tired.

Earlier in the evening we'd been to an astronomy-themed event put on by the local skeptics organisation in Atlanta. The highlight was meeting Margaret Downey, who turned out to be every bit as lovely as she'd seemed when we were exchanging emails about 50 Voices of Disbelief, in which she has an essay.

Am getting ready to face the day very slowly, but will report later on more events at this extraordinarily crowded and colourful convention.

Edit: Jenny has just performed brilliantly on her first panel - about Neil Gaiman - and we had excellent steak for lunch at Durango's Steakhouse, 230 Peachtree Street (not to be confused with Peachtree Center Avenue ... this city must be very proud of its peach trees.)

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Blake Stacey said...

Atlanta skeptics group? I probably know some of those people. Did the world just get a little smaller?