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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Trust me!

I'm just back from the launching of Paul Collins' new anthology of genre stories for young adults, Trust Me! This features 50-odd stories, including a new fantasy story by Jenny. Paul, as editor and publisher, has done a beautiful in putting the package together.

About half the authors were present, so this was a fun occasion, with much passing around of copies for multiple signatures from as many contributors as possible, etc. Jenny visibly had a great time, and hey I did, too, though it's always the most fun to be in an anthology when it's being launched. :)

Paula Kelly gave a generous speech in introducing Paul, and Paul gave a generous speech in which he thanked everyone he could think of (even I got a mention, though I really had nothing to do with this book, except as Jenny's in-house proofreader).

Jenny and I had a tasty dinner with a few friends afterwards ...

And okay, now back to work.

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Brian said...

Sounds cool. A different world, but a cool sounding one. :)