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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Some big news coming soon

This post is just something to whet your appetites. Udo Schuklenk and I have been working (very hard actually) on a book proposal - one that some people who read this blog already know about (some of you are, indeed, involved in it and we've bandied your names around to agents and publishers).

Udo and I will be able to make an announcement publicly very soon. We have found a very good academic publisher that can be guaranteed to produce a beautiful book and distribute it well.

There's a contract on its way to me, at last, by snail mail or courier. Or there will be in a couple of hours. Give it a few days and signed copies will be on their way back from me to Udo in Canada and our publisher in the UK. It'll be good to have a deal signed off. This is pretty exciting.


Blake Stacey said...

Ooo! Ooo!

Consider my appetite whetted.

Brian said...

Congrats. Russell. Is this the grand theory of everything? Or just a teaser?

Russell Blackford said...

It's an anthology of essays that we'll be editing, to be published by Blackwell. We have 50-60 people lined up to contribute (the figure is not exact because at this stage some are more cautious than others in their level of commitment).

We'll need to get confirmations from individual authors that they're still aboard (one step at a time), but four prominent (in different ways) people have already submitted their essays. The four pieces we've looked at are all of very high standard (and all very different from each other, which is what we want).

More info soon!

Brian said...

I assume that you didn't bandy my name about to publishers. Especially without having asked permission. ;)

Russell Blackford said...

Maybe next time, Brian. :)