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Friday, April 11, 2008

Great quote from John Harris

"I conclude that if there is an issue of human dignity which is engaged by human cloning in any of its forms, it is the huge indignity of permitting the legislative and regulatory agenda to be set by a combination of panic and prejudice. Added to which is the indignity of witnessing an undignified scramble to produce literally any argument, however poor or implausible, so long as it seems to provide some grounds for rejecting cloning." (On Cloning, 2004: 143)

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Brian said...

You always hear the Catholic church claim to be preserving human dignity. What do they mean by that? Where's the dignity in denying a woman birth control with the result that she may have more babies to get sick and die in her arms? Where's the dignity in saying that having sex or being gay is wrong?

I was raised a Catholic and I don't get it. It seems that no one questions it, or at least, questions it publicly.

Russell. I nominate you rationalist head kicker of Australia. Go get 'em champ. :)

Let me know how to help. By the way, we're having a discussion about stem cell research on my blog. Very basic applied ethics, so probably not up your alley. But drop by if you wish.