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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Beware the Dark Clan

As revealed at Pharyngula, the source of much evil in this world - drugs, prostitution, evolutionary biology, and all that - has now been exposed. A useful report is provided by The New Humanist site, unveiling the workings of a nefarious organisation known as "the Dark Clan". Apparently a couple of Turkish Muslim creationists gave a lecture at University College London, in which they exposed this evil to Western eyes. Oktar Babuna and Ali Sadun Engin claimed that evolutionary science is not only "the greatest deception in the history of science" but also the creature of "a dark clan behind all kinds of corruption and perversion, that controls drug trafficking, prostitution rings". Babuna and Engin have written an entire book on the subject, in case you want to know more. In fact, we might all need to read it in the interests of self-preservation and understanding our enemy. It's useful to us to have this all out in the open at last. We'd best make sure we are fully armed with our necromantic spells, cat-like familiars, howling demons, soul-eating sentient blades cast from a dark metal at the dawn of time, and all the rest of our sinister yet effective weaponry, whenever we venture out at night ...


Brian said...

I'm confused. I am an evilutionist. Does that mean I'm in the dark clan and your enemy? Or not?

Russell Blackford said...

Ah, a good question.

Surely it means that the Dark Clan is cutting in on the evilution racket - and they have these Turkish folks convinced that the racket is theirs, and even that they spawned it. We can't countenance that.

Brian said...

Those dirty rats. What a clever, fiendish plot to steal the evilutionist movement from our hands! It's downright clan-destine.