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Friday, February 22, 2008

Two increments better

Oh well, I woke up yesterday feeling a bit better ... and woke up today feeling a bit better still. Obviously I'm bouncing back quickly, but Jenny now has a cold. Pfff!

Anyway, which of the zillion critical tasks should I tackle first? The backlog of JET stuff? The difficult thesis chapter that I'm currently bogged down working on? One of the reviews that I owe Cosmos? Or should I do some work on the Huge Secret Project? Maybe I can go and bug PZ at Pharyngula or make a nuisance of myself at Dawkins' site.

I know! I'll use my Facebook account to play vampires and werewolves. Line of least resistance.

Hmmm, I really am such a nerd - Poseidon dammit.


Roko said...

aaah - who are you on Richard Dawkins.net then? I occasionally frequent that site

Russell Blackford said...

Um, you'll find me there with the bizarre username "Russell Blackford". ;)