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Friday, February 29, 2008

All my friends are left-libertarians - an update

Need I say more?


Roko said...

Am I number 3 there?? I think so. Which would give me the honor of being the closest to a non-example...

Anonymous said...

Of course you need say more - you need to give the link to the test you're referring to so we can take it to. Or if you did give it, you need to give it again in a way that the lowest common demoninators like me can find it.

lrn2blog kthnxbye

Russell Blackford said...

Yeah, Roko, you're number three.

Terror, to get on the next version of this diagram, you need to have a Facebook account, become a Facebook friend with me, and do the political compass test via Facebook.

If you don't want to get on the diagram but just find out where you'd fall on it ... do the political compass test via the Political Compass website, which is easily google-able.

Anonymous said...

That's what I was after! Thanks.