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Saturday, February 16, 2008


Jenny and I returned to Melbourne last night after a week and a half in New Zealand. Though we needed the holiday, and thoroughly enjoyed it, I'm afraid that I did have to sneak in an hour or two each day of working on the internet - keeping various projects on the boil, including the Journal of Evolution and Technology. The upside of this is that there's not quite so much to catch up on today as there would have been, and coming home hasn't been such a wrench. The downside is that it wasn't a total holiday, but alas I'm not sure I'm capable of that right now.

Never mind, I came back feeling refreshed, and have had a lot of energy today.

One reason I've been especially busy even while away in NZ is that I have a big new project going on, one that I can't really talk about yet for various reasons - and which may still come to nothing despite all the work trying to get it off the ground(I certainly hope not). More later ... if it ever comes to anything.

While away, Jenny and I certainly found the time to do a lot of fun stuff that's miles different from anything in our usual daily schedules: whether taking part in mock-America's Cup races in Auckland, seeing a huge pod of dolphins in the same city, or climbing on the glacial ice at Franz Josef. Then there were simpler things like visiting local wineries around Nelson (yes, visiting wineries is easy, and there are plenty of them near Melbourne, and in theory it's something we like to do frequently ... it just doesn't happen as often as we'd really like) and having a superb French meal in Christchurch on Valentine's Day.

Oh well, I guess life will now settle back to the nearest thing it ever is to "normal". Ha!

Edit: For those who read this and are also Facebook "friends" of mine, I've put up an album of selected NZ photos on my Facebook profile.

Or just go here.


Blake Stacey said...

Welcome back!

Brian said...

Welcome back Russell. What's the secret project? Just between you, me and the internet.....

Russell Blackford said...

lol, Brian - you'll see. Maybe. :)

Roko said...

I've got an article on my blog that you might like, about atheism and transhumanism. I've been hanging out on the RichardDawkins.net forums, and this is a crosspost.

Let me know if you have any ideas on the common ground between the atheist movement and transhumanism, because I think it's important stuff!

Russell Blackford said...

I'll have a look. In my opinion, there's a natural link between transhumanism and a naturalistic view of the world (which includes atheism). However, there are religious transhumanists; not all religious views exclude transhumanist aspirations. A lot of transhumanists seem to be philosophical Buddhists (hi, James and George!), but that is an atheistic position of course, and Buddhism has a very different attitude to "the given" from traditional Christianity.

Anyway, will look at your blog post.