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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Some photos from the AAP conference

I'll post some more when I manage to de-redeye some that would otherwise be pretty good.

Wall to wall philosophers.
Cameras everywhere.
Paul Biegler and Matt Fisher at the conference dinner.
Chris Jones.
Nicole Vincent looking thirsty but happy.
Bill Lycan and David Chalmers in the thick of things.
Amanda Hickling and Paul Biegler in serious conversation.
Paul Griffiths and John Doris.
The table behind us.
Even more philosophers.


Blake Stacey said...

"De-redeye"? Don't you mean "Conceal the Satanic manifestations"?


Russell Blackford said...

Could be. Funny how it happens to some people more than others. My pupils seem to be bigger than anyone else's that I know, and flash really gets me. Some others seem almost immune to it, but I do have pics with Satanic manifestations for quite a lot of philosophers who were at the AAP conference dinner. Muahahahahaha.