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Sunday, July 08, 2007

AAP 2007

I spent last week at the 2007 Australasian Association of Philosophy's annual conference, held in Armidale this year. I'm still on the road, currently seeing loved ones in Newcastle.

When I get home, I'll post a selection of the photos that I took at the dinner on Thursday night. Some other folks, most notably David Chalmers, were also taking lots of photos, so I expect that the net will soon be crawling with pics from the conference.

Just briefly, the conference went well from my viewpoint. My own paper seemed to be well received, and attracted good discussion, though it had only a small audience (about a dozen people). That's always a peril of multi-strand programming, but then again there was always something of interest to me going on. A group of us seemed to form a small conference for moral and political philosophy (and, to some extent, philosophy of religion) within the larger conference.

I renewed some friendships, made some new contacts, and drank my share of Guinness during the evening visits to the White Bull Hotel. All in all, it was well worth taking the time.

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