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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Science Fiction and the Moral Imagination now available for pre-order on Amazon

My new book, Science Fiction and the Moral Imagination: Visions, Minds, Ethics is now available for pre-order on Amazon - and currently at a very affordable price of US$11.45. The projected publication date is 7 September 2017.

The book comes with a kind endorsement from Gregory Benford:

"This is a seasoned, balanced analysis of a major issue in our thinking about the future, seen through the lens of science fiction, a central art of our time. Everyone from humanists to technologists should study these ideas and examples. Blackford's book is wise and savvy, and a delight to read as well."

If you're interested in buying a copy, it might be worthwhile pre-ordering now from Amazon or the other online supplier of your choice. From your viewpoint, you might be able to obtain a copy below its list price. From my point of view (and this applies to any author) it always helps to get a boost in Amazon rankings at an early stage to add to visibility.

Unlike some books, Science Fiction and the Moral Imagination is not intended primarily as a pedagogical work to teach philosophy to undergraduates through science fiction stories, although it could have some value along those lines if used wisely. I do offer an accessible and (I believe) accurate overview of the discipline of philosophy and the specific field of moral philosophy. However, this book is intended as a philosophical investigation of science fiction and some of its major themes. It is written by someone with doctorates in both philosophy and English literature - as well as some professional SF and fantasy publications. I hope that that background shows in the theoretical discussion and my analyses of various novels, stories, and movies. Of course, you'll need to see for yourself.

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