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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Month of Ultron: Age of Ultron at the box office

It looks at this point as if Avengers: Age of Ultron will turn out even bigger at the box office than The Avengers was. The new movie opened last week in numerous regions with a better overall showing than its predecessor, and will be opening in a couple of days in the US - where the predictions are for an even higher opening box office than last time. It should be huge in China, which seems to have discovered an insatiable appetite for Hollywood superhero movies.

As I was back in 2012, I'm fascinated to see how this eventually pans out - so expect to see a bit of obsession from me over Age of Ultron for the next month or so.

I was careful in my review of Age of Ultron last weekend not to include more than relatively minor spoilers: the review contains no revelations of major plot twists, consequences, and the like. I'll probably have a bit more to say about the movie when it's been around longer, though I'll still be careful not to give anything significant away without appropriate warning.

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