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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Supervillainy: The Avengers crushes the Dark Knight Rises

At this stage, there doesn't seem much prospect of The Dark Knight Rises matching the box office takings of The Avengers. Given the terrible events in Colorado a bit over a week ago, the comparison is probably no longer a fair one - all bets are off in such an altered atmosphere, especially in the United States.

Still, after a very strong working week, Monday to Thursday, The Dark Knight Rises has seemingly pulled in a second Friday gross in the United States well below that recently achieved by The Avengers. I can't see the gap being bridged at this stage... and nor can I see The Dark Knight Rises achieving the same kind of success outside the US as its rival.

That said, The Dark Knight Rises is headed to be an enormously popular movie in its own right. It will probably achieve a total worldwide box office well above a billion dollars ... but not at a level to put it in the top three or four movies of all time, measured in gross, unadjusted box-office receipts.

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Russell Blackford said...

Hmmm, looking at how it did in the US this weekend, it looks like DKR may well NOT be the next billion dollar movie. I haven't seen it myself ... but I'm starting to think (partly based on reports that I hear) that the word of mouth on it is not what the producers hoped for.