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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Sunday supervillainy - Top X-Men moments of the year (as voted by CBR)

Here's the top 12 X-Men moments of the year, as voted by CBR commenters. How can we not look back on them as 2012 begins?


Russell Blackford said...

I love the facial expressions and body language in these Carlos Pacheco panels of the Extinction Team.

Magik stares straight ahead vacantly, which makes sense for her. Storm has the floor, for the moment, and she's all intense and a bit sanctimonious. Emma Frost and Danger - the killer robot thingie - are laid back and even bored. Cyclops is trying to be a boy scout: "Me, me, me, I'm a good guy!" (ha!). Hope is trying to be a frakking girl scout (ha!). Colossus isn't sure whether to put up his hand or not, and appears awkward about it all.

As for the biggest egos in the room, Namor has already decided that it's all a waste of frakking time. Magneto is eyeing Storm, as it were, and kind of putting up with the exercise just in case it might have a point.

Or whatever other interpretations you want to put on it all.

ColinGavaghan said...

Russell, I was half kidding when I suggested it in Dunedin, but you really do need to offer an entry-level course in 'X-Men studies'.

Russell Blackford said...

How much will Uni. Otago pay me? :D