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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Just a reminder to people in Melbourne...

This gig at Embiggen Books in Melbourne is kind of sneaking up now - it's three weeks away at this point - so you might think of booking a seat if you're planning to go along.
"In his new book, Freedom of Religion and the Secular State, Russell Blackford argues that religious freedom is more than a crude quid pro quo arrangement – 'We won’t persecute you if you don’t persecute us.' Instead, it goes to the heart of what we think state power is really for. Do we think it’s to give citizens spiritual guidance, or is the state an essentially secular institution? That question lies at the heart of many intransigent hot-button issues that cause so much angst in current societies. What, if anything, should we do about the burqa? Should anti-religious satire be allowed? Should our laws enforce religious notions of morality – as with abortion restrictions, attacks on gay rights, and opposition to stem-cell research? Dr. Blackford proposes a way ahead that should be acceptable to most religious people, as well as to non-believers.

"Embiggen Books is proud to be launching this important new book by one of Australia’s most important philosophers and commentators. Please RSVP to events (at) embiggenbooks (dot) com or call 9662 2062 or even drop in to the shop in person."

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