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Sunday, January 22, 2012

The GetUp survey

I imagine that many of my readers in Australia are members of GetUp, in which case they will have written to you about their current survey. That survey gives you a chance to nominate issues of your own that you'd like to see them focus on, apart from their list that they ask you to prioritise.

If you "do" the survey, please consider proposing something about the defence of freedom of speech. Your concern might be the power of defamation law to chill public debate, or the vulnerability of the arts and the media to censorship on a whole range of bases, or some other aspect. You may be especially worried about the new online media and the free speech of bloggers.

Whatever your specific concerns might be, I do respectfully ask that you keep free speech issues in mind as you fill in the survey form - and pass this on to others.


Bloycey said...

Could you post the link to the survey please?

Russell Blackford said...

Sorry, Bloycey ... I'm not sure if you can get to it unless you belong to GetUp. I got there via an email that I didn't keep (I get a lot of emails each day and don't keep them all). All members will have received the same email, and I was really aiming this post at them.

I can't find the survey on their site anywhere. But the site is here - http://www.getup.org.au/ - if you want to get involved.

Maybe someone else can be more helpful to you.