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Friday, July 01, 2011

Jesus and Mo on religious privilege

Just in case you missed it.

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Anonymous said...

As a religious person myself, I will admit there have been terrible things done in the name of religion that I myself whould not condone at all, but my particular problem with criticisms like these, even if I do get the concept of this form of expression, is that in the road to denounce the extremins shown by religious institutions and some of their own followers, you are in danger of judging the same way persons who are in reality fundamentalists that justify their own perjuices with religion and other religious persons that are genuenilly following their faith because for them it is indeed a moral compass and a reality from which they live their live.

Now, I may be missunderstanding this given the contex in which this drawings were done, but I just wanted to let know my own imput in this matter, for me, religious privilege is not as easy and simple as this can get you to think, in the same way other persons have been persecuted for their criticisms to religion, religious persons have been persecuted too, for their beliefs even today.

From my own Pov,and my own understanding, and as a religious person, I whould not aks for my beliefs to be taken as an authority or privilege over other people´s, I whould only aks for my beliefs to be respected as you whould respect the personal pov´s of any other person.