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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Elevatorgate-free zone

Let me just say, since someone tried to comment on Elevatorgate this evening, that this blog is an Elevatorgate-free zone. Yes, I may make some oblique remarks about it here and there, and indeed I already have, but any substantive contribution by me to the debate will be elsewhere. Any public contribution by me at all is likely to be rather minimal, as I don't think the discussion has been very productive and there's a risk that almost anything said publicly by me or anyone else will make matters worse. If you want to debate something that I've said elsewhere, then do it there or hold your peace.

Maybe I'll say something about the underlying issues when and if tempers calm down enough that that might be useful. Or maybe not, because even that could merely re-inflame passions. Meanwhile, in any event, I will not be posting on the topic or publishing comments on the topic. Nor will I be publishing any comments at all on this particular post: the post is intended purely as an announcement and not as the beginning of a thread. And even giving any further explanation of my reasons would be counterproductive in my opinion - sorry. That's how it is, folks.

I hope that's clear.

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