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Sunday, July 11, 2010

A reminder about Chained to the Alien

Over on Amazon, sales for Chained to the Alien don't look strong. Hmmm, maybe this means the interest in the late 1980s/early 1990s debates about science fiction - the kind of ferment that was reflected in the second incarnation of Australian Science Fiction Review - isn't there out in the Land of the Public. I dunno.

Here's the score: I can't twist your arms to buy this book - much as that might be fun. But consider passing on the message to those who might have an interest. As I've previously mentioned, Chained to the Alien contains nearly 30,000 words of my best literary criticism, and it shows me getting involved in rather different controversies from the ones I'm caught up in 20 years later. Maybe some of y'all might find that interesting or know someone who would. It's quite a nifty little book, reprinting much energetic and sometimes ferocious material from the halcyon of ASFR 2, so I wish it success.


Blake Stacey said...

This sounds like the sort of book which people who teach classes on science fiction would appreciate. Don't you know anybody who can put it on the required reading list and force whole classes of college kids to buy it? (-:

Robert N Stephenson said...

Russell, my new course on writing Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror has just opened for students at www.cengage.com.au, perhaps it could be something they would consider for students - you could feel them out on this. It would sound better coming from you than me I'm afraid... I am already too verbose with them

Russell Blackford said...

I think it's more a book for sf scholars than anything, but of course there are many such books. It should at least be in university libraries.

Russell Blackford said...

Of course, maybe it is in some university libraries. They wouldn't buy through Amazon.

DM said...
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Shatterface said...

I'm not an academic but I am a science fiction fan and I found Damein Broderick's 'Starlight' accessable enough.

I've put in an order for this. Oddly, if you search for it by title the second book they suggest is about Jerusalem and the third is about prostitution!