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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This is how we should all handle it when a story we've put weight on has been clearly debunked. Good for PZ Myers in setting an example.


Eamon Knight said...

Does seem pretty dubious, doesn't it? I couldn't find anything similar on the BBC website, which carries lots of South Asia stories ('cuz like, those places used to be OURS, right?). Of course the Christian spin would be that the Evil Atheist Muslim-loving MSM doesn't think it's worthwhile reporting on the persecution of mere Christians.

In any case, take-home lesson: don't be too quick to promote a story just because it confirms one's favorite narrative.

Kirth Gersen said...

Someone ought to email a link to Chris Mooney...

Scote said...

Yeah, I was about to refer to the story in a forum, but a few things seemed off, including the clear details about what the family said and did before they were slaughtered, which seemed way too clear (with direct quotes) for what should have been only known or reported by the "Muslim Mob." Even so, I still assumed it was credible having been reported by PZ until a commenter noted the lack of mainstream media postings, which a googling confirmed, so I skipped it.

H/T to PZ for leaving the original up with the disclaimer/mea culpa *at the head* of the post rather than at the end.

" Someone ought to email a link to Chris Mooney..."

I think that might require "strikethrough" of most of the text at Intersection...but I don't think Mooney is capable of actual contrition. Somebody suggested he has narcissistic personality disorder. I don't know about that, but his actions do suggest to me that his posts are all about him rather than any true dedication to facts, objective reason or rational inquiry.