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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Some footage of the Grayling/Blackford gig

The gig put on by Readings the other night was not officially recorded, but here's some amateur footage courtesy of Adam Ford, who was in the audience with his fancy camera that has a video function.

Please do not expect professional production values, or complain that it doesn't have them! Anthony Grayling and I don't speak at the same loudness, which is difficult to compensate for, the angle it's shot from is a bit odd (i.e. from Adam's seat in the theatre), and it's done by an amateur photographer with a hand-held home camera ... you get the idea.

You really had to be there! But you'll still be able to get a good sense of what we talked about and the ambience of the gig. As you'll see ... or, rather, hear, we were received very warmly by the audience of about 200 people.

Many thanks to Adam for doing this under less-than-optimal conditions, and for sending me the link.

By the way, Readings sold a lot of books at the Global Atheist Convention, including a lot of copies of 50 Voices of Disbelief. Yay! If you're in Melbourne and looking for the book, or other relevant literature, maybe give Readings a try, because they'll still have stock. My thanks to the Readings staff for their support. You were great, guys.


Anonymous said...

Could you please try and get on the ABC's Q and A program? Would really like to see you on it.

University of Newcastle Atheist Society said...


Russell Blackford said...

It'd be great, but I still need to do a lot to raise my public profile before it's going to happen.

Anonymous said...

Ok I'll keep sending them handwritten notes on how good you would be...

Russell Blackford said...

Yes, lobby for me! It'd be a great gig.