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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kevin Rudd wants women to be baby factories

This story by Nina Funnell is an eye-opener. It seems that we have a choice for prime minister come next election. On the one hand, we can have a bible-bashing social conservative who would take us back to the 1950s if he could. If that's what you want, you have a perfectly good candidate in Kevin Rudd. Alternatively, there's Tony Abbott.

Extract from Funnell:

After Rudd came off stage, he spoke to me and the few other under-30s (we had congregated for strength in numbers). He extended his points about the problems with the ageing population and the financial problems gen Y will incur when the baby boomers become pensioners.

At that point one of my friends introduced me, dropping in that I am completing a PhD. At this, Rudd rolled his eyes and in a terse voice lacking any sense of irony remarked that is the "excuse" that "all" young women are using nowadays to avoid starting families. Since then I've come up with numerous one-line retorts, but in the moment I just froze in shock.


Russell Blackford said...

No, the term here in Australia is "bible-bashing" (even if that is not logical and suggests someone in anti-bible mode).

Anonymous said...

Because they rock up to your front door on a Sunday morning and bash you over the head with the bible, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

At least it feels that way - if as a typical Australian, you've hit the turps the night before and have a hangover - when you hear how you need Jeebus in your life.

How does one J. Gillard put up with KRudd?

Rory_ said...

Yeah I'd love to hear Julia Gillard's take on this.

The difference between Rudd and Abbott seems to be that Rudd is better at hiding his religiousity. (At least, he's better at hiding it from people who aren't actively looking for it.)

Unknown said...

To be fair, he's following a long tradition of esteemed leaders who felt the same way.

Jambe said...
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Jambe said...

Were I in that position somebody would've received a punch to the face. Well, I'd probably manage to keep my temper under control, but I really wouldn't want to.

What an ass. My goodness.

Joshua said...

We can vote for somebody other than Rudd or Abbott, if I'm not mistaken. I don't like either of them, so I shan't for them.