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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

New issue of The Philosophers' Magazine

I've just received my author's copy of the new issue (i.e. the hardcopy version) of The Philosophers' Magazine (issue # 48: first quarter 2010). It's in a handsome format and contains much of interest, including much to argue with. My piece, "Voicing our disbelief" is one of a number of relatively short comments (about 1500 words as I recall) on the phenomenon of "the New Atheism". I can tell that I'll dislike some of these when I read them - or at least strongly disagree with them - but controversy and debate are all to the good in philosophy.

Amongst it there is an interview with Michael J. Sandel that is almost guaranteed to annoy me. But there's also an interview with Daniel Dennett, which I've already read and enjoyed very much. In all, a nice magazine. The editors, production staff, and others who have put it together, should take a bow. My article is available on the magazine's website, but this hardcopy edition, which (I assume) includes stuff not available online, is worth a look.


Ophelia Benson said...


Peter Hollo said...

Yay! Bought at Gleebooks today, starting to browse now. Loved your article btw.

babrock said...

I came upon this artical on t Dawkins site and followed it to y'all's magazine. Of coarse everyone enjoys being tolld that they are right. But this artical did it so well and I, in fact, found it absolutly inspiring.

Russell Blackford said...

I hope Gleebooks has copies of 50 Voices of Disbelief in stock. If not y'all know what to do.