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Monday, November 16, 2009

Reminder about IEET seminar: biopolitics of popular culture

I really wish I could get to this, and indeed take part in such a spectacular program. Don't miss it, if you can be in sunny California early in December:

8:00 AM - Doors open, sign-in and continental breakfast

8:45 AM - Mike Treder, IEET managing director - Opening remarks

9:00 AM - Dr. James Hughes, IEET executive director
“Is There a Pro-Mutant Trend in Popular Culture?”

9:25 AM - Alex Lightman, executive director, Humanity Plus
“The Future Engine: How Science Fiction Catalyzes Technology and Transforms Society”

9:50 AM - Professor Michael LaTorra, New Mexico State University
“The Ultimate City: Urban and Rural Values in Science Fiction”

10:15 AM - Break

10:30 AM - Richard Eskow, Huffington Post
“Zero-Sum Superheroes: A Marketing Plan to Counter Centuries of Cultural Programming”

10:55 AM - P.J. Manney, writer for television and film
“How Yucky Got Yummy: The Evolution of Empathy in SF”

11:20 AM - Kristi Scott, IEET intern
“Constructing the Future through the Cinematic Lens of Dystopic Science Fiction Futures”

11:45 AM - EON Reality Facility demonstration

12:10 PM - Lunch (provided)

12:30 PM - Moderated group discussion

1:00 PM - Panel - “Immersion: The Coming Fusion of Life and Entertainment”
Natasha Vita-More, media artist/designer and theorist
Jeannie Novak, founder of Indiespace
Matthew Patrick, director of feature films and TV movies
Michael Masucci, writer, producer, director, photographer, editor, musician

2:10 PM - Edward Miller, Network for Open Scientific Innovation
“Beyond Utopia and Dystopia: A Critical Examination of the Ecology of Science Fiction”

2:35 PM - Richard Kadrey, science fiction and fantasy author
“New Flesh A GoGo”

3:00 PM - Jess Nevins, expert on comic book culture
“Those Who Cannot Remember Doc Savage Are Condemned to Repeat Him”

3:25 PM - Break

3:40 PM - David Brin, best-selling author
“Myths That Help the Enlightenment … and Others That Tear It Down”

4:05 PM - Brian Cross, co-founder of Posthuman Studios
“Talking Transhumanism at the Table: Designing Games for Non-Transhumanist Audiences”

4:30 PM - Annalee Newitz, editor of i09
“Will Mind-Controlled, Genetically-Engineered Sexbots Want to Play Videogames?”

4:55 PM - Jamais Cascio, IEET Senior Fellow - Closing remarks

5:30 PM - Conclusion


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