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Friday, November 13, 2009

Between states

Well, here's the deal. We've just spent most of a week in our new house, here in Newcastle. We've managed to do quite a few things this week, including getting ourselves NSW drivers' licences and picking up the new car that we had on order. I was a bit sad to farewell the trusty old Honda Integra, which has served us well for over two decades and is still a great little car to drive. OTOH, the new Civic Sport that we've picked up is a thing of beauty and I'm certainly enjoying driving it around to visit people or on errands.

But there's still a lot to do in Melbourne. We'll be driving back on Sunday (in our new car!) to start sorting things out, where "things" includes the main moving (furniture, cat, and all). It's going to (continue to) be pretty volatile at our end for the next month, but we'll soon be here in Newcastle on a permanent basis (well, except that some of our dearest friends live in Melbourne ... so we'll still be travelling there frequently).

I'm crunching through various things (articles, book reviews, referee reports, etc., etc.) that I owe people; I'm really, truly doing them as quickly as I can. Really I am! If you are one of the people concerned, I probably haven't forgotten you. It's just that I've taken on a lot of tasks (because people will ask me to, and I say "Yes" if I reasonably can), and I'm not in the best position to get them all done quickly. I am, however, managing to do stuff each day, thanks to the miracle of the internet and a laptop computer, so don't despair of me. Feel free to drop me a note if you fear you're sinking too far down my list of priorities, but you're probably on my conscience already.


Brian said...

I hope you both have the best time with whatever you do as long as it lasts. Life is to be lived.


NewEnglandBob said...

Just remember to not carry coal to Newcastle.