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Thursday, October 01, 2009

National Human Rights Consultation Committee reports to government

I've received this (below) in my in-box. Was wondering what was going on, since the report was due on 30 September. Looks as if the National Human Rights Consultation Committee has written its report according to schedule, so we now need to wait until the government releases it, before we'll see what Frank Brennan and the others have said. I'm happy to wait for a few days, as it will be a lot easier for me to analyse it when I'm back at home than it is here.


Final National Human Rights Consultation Update – 1 October 2009

Dear All

The National Human Rights Consultation has drawn to a close. The Committee has travelled far and wide to ensure that a diverse range of views on human rights has been sought. Since the Consultation was launched on 10 December 2008 the Committee has hosted 66 community roundtables in 52 locations throughout regional and remote Australia, as well as in capital cities.In addition to this, in excess of 35,000 written and online submissions were received by the Committee, and many people attended the three days of public hearings held in Canberra in July.

The National Human Rights Consultation Report was handed to Government yesterday. The Government will release the Consultation Committee's report and provide a formal response in the coming months.

We are pleased to announce that video footage of the Public Hearings is now available and can be streamed from the Consultation website under the 'Public Hearings' tab or http://www.humanrightsconsultation.gov.au/www/nhrcc/nhrcc.nsf/Page/Public_Hearings. You can view Day 1 sessions with Day 2 and 3 becoming available in the next week. Transcripts will also become available shortly. You may view the program of the Public Hearings on the website and watch the footage on a session by session basis.

In other news, Fr Frank Brennan will be speaking about the National Human Rights Consultation and the Report at the National Press Clubof Australia in Canberra on Wednesday, 14 October 2009. This event will be broadcast live on ABC Television. For more information please visit the NPC website: http://www.npc.org.au

Finally, we would like to thank each and everyone of you for your interest and participation in the National Human Rights Consultation. The Committee has been grateful for the opportunity to listen to and report on the diverse range of views put forward on how human rights can be better protected and promoted in our country.

Frank Brennan, Mary Kostakidis, Mick Palmer, Tammy Williams.


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