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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Myers on Blackford ... and other stuff

What a day! Highlights include meeting PZ Myers, Jerry Coyne, and Daniel Dennett + the hitherto mysterious "Sastra" ... and briefly catching up with Margaret Downey. I also exchanged shy hellos with Richard Dawkins as we passed each other in opposite directions at one point (but I don't think this counts as meeting him, especially since I doubt that he had any idea of who I was). Also met lots of other great people - Jim Lippard among them. Lots and lots of people.

I gave my own talk in the afternoon, and it seemed to me to go well - and PZ has already found time to give it a positive review. All talks are videoed, so I assume mine will turn up on the internet sooner or later. PZ's own talk was excellent, though it was standing room only (note to all future convention organisers ... PZ Myers is now so popular that he needs a big auditorium ... got it?).

The evening has been a blast, with entertainment from the folks from Mr Deity + Richard Dawkins' presentation of an award to Bill Maher (both of whom gave funny and brilliant speeches), then a stand-up comedy show to finish the night.

All is well in beautiful downtown Burbank.


NewEnglandBob said...

We, the unfortunate non-attendees, await the videos.

Steve Zara said...

I had hoped for something from you on the major problem of the award to Maher.

Anonymous said...

And that positive review ishow I found your blog. I'm enjoying it so far and have added it to those I regularly check. (rather than those for when I'm bored out of my mind.)