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Monday, June 01, 2009

A great review for The Priestess and the Slave

Jenny's book, The Priestess and the Slave, gets a great review from Alison Woodward over at ReadPlus. The review starts ...

A fascinating novel set in Ancient Greece, The Priestess and the Slave tells two parallel stories of a Delphi Pythia and a young slave woman with incredible historical and archaeological accuracy. It is clearly written by an author who not only specialises in ancient history, but has a passion for telling the stories of those who lived in such times.

... and continues in the same vein.


Ophelia Benson said...

Wo - sounds great.

Russell, is Jenny a fan of Gillian Bradshaw? I think The Beacon at Alexandria is a stunner. Looks as if it might be Jenny's kind of thing. Seriously historically informed, in short.

Anonymous said...

The only Bradshaw I've read is The Sand-Reckoner, which I was given some years back, and I recall as good. The historical background didn't worry me at all - which means that it must have been very accurate!