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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Another great review for The Priestess and the Slave

Just a (large) sample of another review of The Priestess and the Slave:

If you have even a little interest in or knowledge of Ancient Greece, Jenny Blackford’s first book The priestess and the slave is well worth reading. This slim volume tells the stories of two women of very different social standings: Thrasulla, a priestess of the god Apollo at Delphi, who observes the corruption of one of her fellow priestesses, and, sixty years later, Harmonia, a slave owned by an Athenian sculptor, who endures the terrible plague that engulfs Athens as the city is besieged by Sparta and its allies. ... Jenny has an extraordinary knowledge of Ancient Greece, both of the politics and the ordinary lives of the citizens. She writes with authority, providing fascinating details of life at that time. She also develops two characters with whom we can truly empathise. Both stories are suspenseful and fast moving.

This review isn't available online. I'm quoting from the review by Jill Enks in the June '09 issue of inCite, the magazine of the Australian Library and Information Association.

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