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Monday, April 20, 2009

Priestess/Slave party

Yesterday, we held a party at our place in honour of Jenny's book The Priestess and the Slave, which was launched with more formality and longer speeches in Perth last week. Peter Nicholls added some generous and well-chosen words to the short speeches by me, then Jenny, and there was much merriment, with ample amounts of ouzo and baklava available to give the party a Greek touch (however anachronistic).

Thanks to all who attended, and, hehe, especially to all who bought copies. You won't be sorry when you read Jenny's wonderful book.

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Tony Smith said...

Too much deja vu to ignore in that. This weekend I'm heading to Perth in part for some mental closure on what was dominating my life a year ago.

We launched Too Many Tears in Fremantle last May, then had a smaller "Eastern States" launch here at the end of June at the same venue we had used for my mother's celebration service on April 23.

Life moves on.