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Friday, April 24, 2009

Left libertarian thing again

I hadn't checked this Facebook application for a while.

It's interesting to see that all my friends are still left libertarians - well, actually, not anymore. There a a couple of outliers over to the right. However the overall situation hasn't changed much.

I take it as obvious that I'm represented by the red dot. Yes? I now find myself just to the right (on the economic dimension) of that main cloud of people in the left-libertarian quadrant. This means, I take it, that I am definitely assessed as a left libertarian, but on the right-hand edge of a very left-leaning group.

On the social dimension, I am markedly libertarian, but no more so than most of this bunch. On this dimension I'm fairly much in the middle of all these hard-core anti-authoritarian types whom I've befriended.

That all seems about right correct to me.


Moses said...

Ah, ha ha ha haahaaa... The test is cooked by muddling the Libertarian philosophy to make it seem like "Republicans who like to smoke pot."

Dave Cake said...

I've always found myself in roughly the same teritory -- strongly socially libertarian, but quite moderate left economically. I've tended to attribute my comparitively centrist economics to being more keenly interested in economics, and more aware of the trade-offs inherent in economic decision making, than most.