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Friday, March 06, 2009

Whoa, we just had an earthquake!


Well ... it was only a little tremor, and I doubt that there was any damage done anywhere, but Melbourne had a small earth tremor about a quarter of an hour ago. It was a bit freaky sitting here watching everything shaking for what was probably only a few seconds but seemed to go on for quite a long time.

No news on the net about it yet, but I gather there was just something on ABC Radio.

Edit: Here's one story, though a bit misleading in its form as I write: we felt the tremor here, as south as you can go in Melbourne - it wasn't just the north and north-east.

Further edit: Here's some better information.


Steve Zara said...

I can remember being in one of the very rare significant UK earthquakes in 2002. I was woken up by a rumbling, and the shaking of windows. It is a very strange experience for a Brit. It feels odd to realise that one of the things one takes for granted - the stability of the ground beneath one's feet - is not really stable at all in the long term. It was like a form of vertigo.

Brian said...

I was having a meal with work mates at a Southbank restaurant. Didn't notice a thing. It might be because that whole area overlies the Coode Island silt strata, which is pretty elastic, and might have absorbed a lot of the shaking. Or the beers were working. ;)

Anonymous said...

I have a bunk-bed / loft in my room which i was on doing some work on my laptop when the whole thing started rocking about from side to side like a boat, it was scary but exhillirating at the same time. I wasnt sure if it was an earth quake or just really strong winds causing the house to sway. Its interesting how such a small event seems so exciting and newsworthy for us in a region that doesnt really receive earthquakes. Im sure anyone from California reading this will be laughing at us :)

Russell Blackford said...

And today we've survived another earthquake of similar power - it's the end of the world, I tell you!