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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My submission to the National Human Rights Consultation Committee

I've decided, for the sake of debate, to publish my entire submission to the National Human Rights Consultation Committee - all 55,000 words of it - on the internet. I hope this document is useful, especially for others who are concerned to defend freedom of speech and individual liberty. I'm arrogant enough to feel sure that it could be a valuable resource, if used well.

As I indicate towards the end, it is more a Green Paper than a White Paper - though I've settled on a nice yellow background for the moment. I.e., I am open to correction and to refining my views as this exercise continues.

In that sense, it's a work in progress. Still, I believe that it's worthwhile as a contribution to the debate and I hope that it attracts some readers. The various philosophical and legal principles, and the various statutes and cases, have been researched with as much diligence as I could manage at fairly short notice, and I believe that they are generally described accurately. Fortunately, I was not starting from scratch.

Do write to me if you think anything needs to be corrected as the debate goes on, or feel free to discuss it here.


Tony Smith said...

Before I even think about trying to scan more than the start and end of your green paper, I should at least make my own much shorter manifesto available in case mine confuses them too much to include in their published sample.

Like way too much of what I've been writing lately, mine is more addressed to mapping some of the ever more challenging territory inside my head than it is to any imagined reader.

Steve Zara said...

This is an important document. I am not sure if I have anything at all to contribute, but I will read it.