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Friday, February 27, 2009

Which countries still have some liberal credentials?

Go and have a look at which countries voted Yes, Abstain, or No for a non-binding UN resolution against defamation of religion late last year.

Now for the forthcoming vote on a binding resolution.


Brian said...

At least Australia said no....

Did you read the article on John Wilkins' blog where he ripped into Johan Hari for having a go at the UN over this? John seemed to tell Hari off for doing something that Hari hadn't done.

Disclosure: I don't post on John's blog anymore, he and a guest poster ripped into A.C. Grayling and as far as I could see, constructed obviously wrong strawmen against him then jumped for joy at how they'd triumphed. When it was pointed out, the reply was ridicule. So, seeing he's a philospher and I'm not, I'm obviously wrong and thus biased against him. :)

Anonymous said...

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