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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

CTFM watch

I see that my comment in response to the media release by Catch The Fire Ministries - in which CTFM's Danny Nalliah blamed the Victorian bushfires on liberalisation of abortion laws - has still not appeared. I'm not the only one: I'd be willing to bet that CTFM has been inundated with dozens or hundreds of unwanted responses, condemning its callous, opportunistic exploitation of this tragedy.

I wonder whether they'll ever appear.


Brian said...

Good luck with that Russell.


Russell Blackford said...

Another 12 have now appeared, but mine is still "in moderation". :)

Laurie said...

All of mine are "still in moderation", Russell, but if you go over to my blog you'll see what I really think about Nalliah and his nut job "ministry."