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Monday, December 24, 2007

New Year's resolution time getting close

What are your resolutions for next year? I don't think there are too many things that I have control over and can do differently. Obviously, I have a thesis to finish, and I'll just say that I have some big projects that may be in the wings when that's done. But what about things that are more in my own hands?

Well, there's the usual. Over the last long summer break, I managed to take off 15 pounds, or close to it - with great effort, because I was a long way from, like, obese. Since then, I've put back 5 of those pounds. At six foot and 180 pounds, I'm not doing too badly for a middle-aged man, but I'd like to get those 5 pounds off, plus some more. I'd be happier at, say, 170 pounds.

The other thing that comes immediately to mind is that I must finally master PowerPoint, something I've been avoiding for years. I've given many PowerPoint presentations, but I've resisted learning how to put them together myself - back in my city-law-firm period I always had plenty of secretarial help, but it's completely different in academia where I'm currently located. So it's time that I actually learned how to drive PowerPoint, since there's always pressure to use it.

Oh, here's another thing: time to catch up a bit with my mainstream literary reading, and not just my reading in science fiction and fantasy. I'm sort of letting a good grounding in Eng. lit. go to waste at the moment.

That's all that comes to mind for now, but I have a week to think about it. How about you?


Anonymous said...

I found those pounds you lost Russell. Want them back, with interest?
I suck at resolutions, especially dietary and beer related. So I wdon't make them. I'm not into delayed gratification. It's a flaw of mine.
I resolve to do my best to live through 2008. That seems a resolution I can keep. But if I fail, I won't give a rat's. So it's win-win as far a I can tell.
Now where's my Xmas ham and Boag's Premium?

Glendon Mellow said...

Hmm, resolutions? I think I need to sketch when idle, and loosen up my painting style a bit. I need to visit the museum more often.

I need to finish a few personal art projects that have been hanging around.

I need to lobby the Canadian government to legalise use and sale of egg nog year round. It should not be a controlled substance.